ELME ESD LINE covers the full program of ESD products for all needs of manufacturing, testing, handling or distribution activity. In 2009 ELME activities, with a 40 years worldwide experience, have been purchased by EUROSAFT S.r.l. which is continuing the action on all markets. We are based in Milano, northern Italy, with headquarter and manufacturing premises. The perfect base for our business, both domestic and export.

The ELME ESD LINE brand operates worldwide:

  • EU
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Russia
  • USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Chile and latin America
  • Africa
  • South East Asia
  • India
  • China


ESD Standards: Our know-how has constant reference to the international existing standards (as IEC, DIN, ESDA, ASTM, etc) relative to ESD static control.

Stock: A wide stock covering our full program. Prompt delivery also on small accounts in order to meet specific needs of our customers. In this way, we will save your money and your time.

Innovation: Every year we invest in human resources, time, and money to innovate our line of products. We concentrate our efforts in the design and realization of new products and in the selection of better raw materials, keeping at the first place our attention on the safety for human beings and the ergonomy of the products.


A careful selection of our commercial partners who are on your side helping to solve all static control problems in your company (production, test, storage, delivery, etc.) recommending the most effective solution, saving time and money, and reaching the best quality level.

Our distributors will take care of constant technical updates of our business partners in order to answer precisely and quickly your specific questions. After viewing this site, should you be interested in our products, feel free to inquire. We will address our nearest distributor!


To achieve worldwide success a careful price policy is required in order to meet our customers’ needs and to enable a larger number of companies to afford an effective static control program. Constant attention to our price policy will bring you the best quality at the best conditions.


Accurate technical data sheets are supplied with the products carrying:

  • Full technical description of the product
  • Application in your working area
  • Compliance with existing ESD standard
  • Correct maintenance