This area, generally known as E.P.A., includes all products designed to create an electrostatic-safe environment for design, production, stockage, and release of ESD sensitive components, boards, and assemblies. All surfaces are grounded and all materials must not generate electro-static accumulations. This area is clearly defined in its boundaries and has limited access only to authorized operators who are requested to be equipped with ESD clothing and ESD footwear to ensure efficient drainage of static charges to ground

ESD BENCHMATS: one of our most successful product lines is the 157 ESD mats, offering synthetic rubber bench mats available by the roll or in pre-cut sizes, 3 different colors, resistant to high soldering temperatures, non noxious gases generation, extreme dimensional stability over time. We supply these mats in rolls and kits including wristbands and ground cords, ready for installation.

ESD FLOORING: we offer synthetic rubber 749DUO ESD floor coverings matting for permanent or temporary installations into Electrostatic Protected Areas (E.P.A.) available by the roll or in pre-cut sizes equipped with grounding cords ready for installation. This special material ensures resistance to temperature with no noxious gases emissions, fire resistance, permanent static charges drainages, and mechanical stability over time.

ESD CHAIRS: our VERA X and VERA-CLEAN X line offer a complete supply of ESD SAFE CHAIRS & CLEANROOM CHAIRS in various heights and coverings for all E.P.A. applications, standard, and clean-rooms. ESD chairs are highly required due to the quick tribo-charges build-up of standard seats.

WORKSTATIONS: our TOPWORK line offers a wide line of complete ESD workstations in all dimensions, including shelves, overhead illumination, ion blowers and all accessories for the assembly of sensitive parts.

GROUND CONNECTIONS: all items in the E.P.A. must be ESD safe and ground-connected. This means that we
supply ESD grounding cords, plugs, tapes, and all that is required to connect all surfaces to the ground.

VACUUM CLEANERS: To keep the E.P.A. in perfect working conditions it is required a continued maintenance and clean working conditions. We offer ESD safe vacuum cleaners designed to remove dust and debris with no static charges generation. A full range of ESD accessories enable to provide the tool for all environments

FLOOR AND BENCH MAINTENANCE: we offer specific liquid cleaners for ESD floorings and ESD workbenches.
We also provide specific ESD wax for the maintenance of the ESD dissipative floorings in the E.P.A.

NOTE: the static generation, the conductivity, the effective grounding in the E.P.A. can be monitored and tested with instruments available in our TEST section with correct procedures.