The correct elimination of static-charges generation and accumulations into the E.P.A., to prevent ESD discharge events on sensitive components, needs to be tested and monitored constantly. To ensure this control we have in our program testers for personnel grounding, ESD worksurfaces grounding, static charges generation of materials, surface conductivity, etc.

The other way to provide ESD protection is called “active” and refers to IONIZATION, meaning the production of positive and negative ions which are blown on static charge accumulations and combined with the excess of charges (positive and negative) to re-balance the situation. In this way, non-conductive surfaces are efficiently neutralized, thus minimizing the danger of static discharges on sensitive parts.

ESD PERSONNEL GROUNDING: Our E3 tester for wristbands and footwear is placed at the entrance of the
E.P.A., allowing operators to verify each day the correct performance (according to the actual ESD STANDARD IEC 61340.5.1) of the wristband & ground cord and the footwear, which are the most important grounding means in terms of safety for sensitive components.

WORKSTATION GROUND MONITORING: Our X-1B-1M constant ESD ground monitor connects both to the working surfaces and the operator at the ESD workstation: at any moment a dis-connection to ground happens, the audible and LED alarm advises the operator, in order to allow re-establish of the correct grounding and avoid further statics damages on sensitive parts and assemblies.

SURFACES CONDUCTIVITY TEST: MIMEG, E-MEG and MULTIMEG offer a complete choice of testers to check
the surface electric conductivity, ground connection, ambient temperature and RH % of the various surfaces into the E.P.A.. Workplace, fabrics, boxes, all materials which are currently used for packaging, assembly, stocking and logistics inside and outside.

FIELD TESTERS: very important is to check if the materials used in the E.P.A. generate tribo-charges during usage. Our EOS2001 is the correct tester able to verify the intensity of the electromagnetic fields into the E.P.A.. These fields may induce static accumulations on existing surfaces, eventually causing undesired static events on sensitive components. Therefore it is most important to verify the situation.

IONIZATION: as previously mentioned, to eliminate statics from non-conductive surfaces into the E.P.A., ionizers blow static charges positive and negative, to be combined with the excess charges accumulations and neutralize them, thus eliminating the danger. We offer bench blowers and overhead blowers which are normally placed at the workstation or nearby the working surfaces. Available also air-compressed ion-guns to provide surface perfect cleaning without accumulations of static charge, especially on plastic parts, PCBs etc.