All ESD sensitive components and assemblies need to be packed into antistatic or shielding materials. These packaging need to be non-static generators in order to avoid charges accumulations and shocks near the components.

These flexible packaging are generally made of polyethilene and /or polyesther. The form are bags, rolls, tubing or elastic wrapping. The use is to protect parts inside E.P.A. logistics or outside deliveries to different plants or destinations. Additional protection is given by metal coated bags (faraday cage effect) and vacuum packaging (controlled non-corrosive atmoshere inside the bags).

ESD BAGS: ESD bags are used to provide a safe packaging to sensitive parts. Our program includes all types of
ESD bags as antistatic, static-shielding, and static & electro-magnetic barrier vacuum bags (Drypack). All are designed for a specific usage in the components and assemblies packaging.

ESD BAG VACUUM SEALERS: The vacuum packaging is used to avoid corrosion and pop-corn effect on electronic parts. Humidity is easily and rapidly absorbed by components. Moreover oxigen is highly corrosive for the leads. Therefore a correct “dry packaging” combines barrier bags, RH indicators and desiccants, and a powerful vacuum sealer, designed to pull out air (and humidity) from the bags before the sealing. Our SEAL4000 and SEAL4000G (with N2 injection) vacuum sealers are designed to last long with repeatable performances. The ā€œGā€ model provides N2 gas injection system for anti-hoxidation effect.

ESD TAPES AND LABELS: Labels and adhesive tapes are widely used into the production and delivery areas to
mark and identify sensitive parts packagings and to close boxes and bags without any electrostatic build-up.

ANTISTATIC PACKING MATERIALS: Proximity packaging materials used to provide external antistatic protection to boxes and pallets. The bubble foils and extensive wrapping polyethilene help to provide protection from static generation into warehouses and production environments.

NOTE: As for other protections, the performance of ESD packaging items can be tested and monitored by means of testers which are available in our TEST area.