Working personnel is one of the most important generators of static electricity events into the E.P.A. In fact, human body wearing sneakers is normally an isolated conductor. In this way, it is easy to accumulate electro-static potentials which may discharge at any time on sensitive components. This is the reason why humans have to wear anti-static dissipative clothes and footwear in order to limit static generation and allow continuous drainage to ground of statics during all working hours into protected areas.

WRISTBANDS: We offer STRAPPO and ONE TOUCH anti-allergenic ergonomic wristbands, all sizes ground cords different lengths and snaps or banana plugs, CPG common grounding points, and protected safe plugs to ensure ground drainage of operators and workstations. The proprietary design of our wristbands ensures permanent self adjust skin contact, absence of allergenic substances (safe on skin), and excellent static drainage

CLOTHING: Elme features a complete line of ESD coats, polos & t-shirts with a choice of different fabrics & colors, ensuring the absence of tribo-electric charge build-up. Our fabrics ensure good perspiration, wearability, and lightness. Fabrics withstand all washing cycles with no loss of ESD features and are available for company logo personalization

GLOVES: We offer ESD cotton and mixed polycotton elasticized gloves available with effective palm protection. Moreover cleanroom ESD gloves and finger cots for special applications, in order to avoid static generation and for fine handling operations.

FOOTWEARS: A complete line of ESD shoe-covers, ESD grounding strips and ESD foot grounders for visitors: all
these items are required to ensure permanent and safe drainage of the static charges generated while walking and working into E.P.A. in standard and clean environments.

ESD SHOES: A full line of ESD shoes in different models with safety protection to ensure continuous static drainage into the E.P.A.

As for other protections, the performance of ESD personnel grounding items can be tested and monitored by means of testers which are available in our TEST area. For all people, before entering the E.P.A., it is required to pass the grounding test for wristbands and footwears on a daily basis.