To operate in assembly areas ESD SAFE tools are needed. We offer our selection of hand tools which are used daily by the operators in the assembly lines. Tools which are designed to operate on sensitive components and to keep them protected from static discharges.

ESD BRUSHES: ESD brushes are designed to eliminate the danger of static buld-up on populated PC boards when used to clean and maintenance. No tribo-charging and permanent conductivity of handle and brush fibres allow our EB program to cover all applications needed for ESD safe dust and residues removal, or for ESD safe flux and solvent dispensing during the rework operations. Different dimensions and shapes available, can be used either dry or wet.

VACUUM PICK UP TOOL: our proprietary “VAMPIRE VACUUM PICK UP” is the new battery-free vacuum pick up
pen designed for the ESD SAFE handling of sensitive SMD components during assembly, test and rework processes.

FLUX DISPENSERS & BOTTLES: BONPEN flux-pens have been designed for the application of fluxes, solvents,
masking products and water based liquids, meeting requirements for evaporating liquids hazard. BOT2000 bottles are used on workbench to dispens liquids with no contamination and ESD protection, anti-splash pressbutton offers comfortable one-handed operation, perfect for cleaning operation with swabs and brushes.

METAL TWEEZERS: A full program available with different shapes to fit all customer’s needs. These tweezers are available as nude metal or with Teflon covering for non conductive metal applications (cleanrooms).

MINI MIRRORS: smallest mirrors with flexible handles and different shapes, designed to provide the operator with the equipment to visualize the placement, soldering and the joints of components and assemblies, the EMR mini mirrors allow a close vision in less accessible places.

NOTE: As for other protections, the performance of ESD TOOLS items can be tested and monitored by means of
testers which are available in our TEST area.