Stocking, indoor warehouse logistics, external deliveries to different plants and to customers of sensitive parts and assemblies need strong ESD and mechanical protection. The Black Line section includes transport boxes, adjustable racks, indoor bench holders, boxes and box-dividers designed with conductive moulded plastics, extruded corrugated plastics and corrugated carton, all designed to protect the content from electrostatic discharges events and mechanical shocks.

TRANSPORT CONDUCTIVE BOXES & OPEN BINS: Conductive boxes are designed for internal and external logistics in the manufacturing process. Boxes are available in all dimensions to fit pallets, are stackable, can include covers and labels holders, safety closures and internal boards separators. Open bins are used in warehouses to hold components and parts with easy access, can lay on a benchtop or can be hanged to a wall or workstation metal support. Available in a wide range of dimensions.

BENCH HOLDERS & TRAYS: ESD bench PCBs holders, bench reels holders and trays are of primary importance
everyday at the workstation to increase efficiency of the operators. Internal transport and stockage of sensitive parts and assemblies need to be performed with absolute ESD safety for the components. All holders made of moulded conductive plastics or metal enable fast and continuous charges drainage to ground.

TRANSPORT TROLLEYS: ideal for indoor logistics, are available in different sizes and shapes to move boards, trays and racks inside the plant.

ADJUSTABLE RACKS: Our racks are designed to carry boards of all dimensions, due to the easy adjustable sliding walls system. Racks are designed for transport, stockage and for pick & place machinery loading and unloading.

NOTE: As for other protections, the performance of ESD CONDUCTIVE BOXES etc. items can be tested and monitored by means of testers which are available in our TEST area.